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Sell Your Gear for Cash or Credit

We can make an offer for your bike, frame, or wheelset within two business days and help you avoid the frustration and renegotiation of the secondary market.

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The Process is Simple

  1. Create a TPC account
  2. Submit your item via our Sell//Trade App.
  3. Your submission is analyzed by our expert team, and if accepted, an offer will be made in two business days.
  4. Get verified by our third-party verification service, Veriff.
  5. If you accept your TPC offer, you can receive TPC credit or cash via PayPal.
  • Because the factors that influence an offer change on a regular basis, a TPC offer is good for seven days and may fluctuate depending on seasonality and inventory.
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Cash or Credit

Choose how you want to get paid.

TPC Store Credit

You receive the highest offer with store credit. Spend it on over 2000 Certified Pre-Owned and new bikes, or shop components, accessories and apparel.

Cash Offer

If you prefer cash, we will pay you via PayPal. We are offering two types of cash offers now.

Delayed Cash Payment will be the highest cash amount offered, and will be processed in accordance with the payment terms chosen, beginning once the item has successfully passed in-house inspection. The delay schedule offered will vary depending on seasonality, and inventory.

Instant Cash Payment will be issued three business days after we receive and inspect your item.

Simply enter your PayPal information during checkout, and we will email you you as soon as your gear is received, inspected and verified. Paypal payments are sent directly to your account email.

What is TPC Buying?

TPC is actively seeking high-quality road bikes, mountain bikes of all disciplines, TT, triathlon, cyclocross, gravel and E-bikes from recent model years, as well as high-end frames and wheelsets.

The higher the original MSRP, the better chance of receiving an offer.

We don’t accept items with issues that would deem them unsellable, such as:

  • Structural flaws in the frame
  • Dented, or cracked rims
  • Significant paint damage
  • Missing, or failed components including drivetrain, and E-bike batteries

Trade-in values are not guaranteed. Make sure your items are in good working condition, with all the necessary parts included for the bike, frame or wheelsets to function, otherwise we may amend the offer.

Road and Mountain Bikes
  • Bikes from model year 2018 or newer
  • Undamaged frame, and components
  • A minimum original MSRP of $2,000 or higher
    • *The older the bike the higher the original MSRP will have to be in order to receive an offer.
E-Road, E-Hybrid, and E-Mountain Bikes
  • Bikes from model years 2018 or newer.
  • Name brand E-Bikes
  • Functioning motor and battery
  • A minimum original MSRP of $2,000 or higher
    • *The older the bike the higher the original MSRP will have to be in order to receive an offer.

TT, Cyclocross, and Gravel Bikes
  • Bikes from model year 2018 or newer.
  • No Tubular Wheel equipped bikes
  • A minimum original MSRP of $2,000 or higher
    • *The older the bike the higher the original MSRP will have to be in order to receive an offer.
Frames and Wheelsets
  • We are actively buying all modern MTB, Road, TT, and Gravel wheelsets. Axle size and rim size information helps with our offer accuracy so please include it if you know.
  • For MTB wheels, 29” Boost & Superboost wheelsets are most in demand but 27.5 and earlier non-boost will often still receive offers but are in lower overall demand.
  • Frames are held to the same model-year guidelines as bikes. Proprietary and special parts for frames like aero seat posts, integrated cockpits, batteries, and thru-axles are included in our offers and are required for submissions to pass inspection.

We are greatly limiting our offers for tubular wheels as demand for this type of tire and wheel combo continues to decrease.

Read our article on the difference between clincher, tubular and tubeless wheels for additional details before submitting your wheels.

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We are now using a new verification process!

We are a committed industry leader and advocate for bicycle theft prevention. Every bicycle we inspect is verified by the owner’s ID and bicycle serial number. Your information will be kept confidential and secure via our 3rd party company, Veriff, a leader in the global identity verification service.

Once our buyers send you an offer, you will need to complete our verification process in order to accept the offer. You will need the following:

  • A valid US drivers license or passport (valid, current and undamaged ID. Photos of the ID on your computer or other device will not work, and will cause you to fail the identification process)
  • Enable camera & microphone permissions on your device for Veriff
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Trade-Up Voucher

If you’d like to receive a TradeUp voucher, schedule time with a participating dealer so they can make a submission on your behalf. Find participating TradeUP dealers.

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Have questions?

We take pride in offering exceptional customer service. Read our FAQs, then reach out to our Ride Guides if you have additional questions.

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