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Sell your bike, frames, or wheels for cash or credit!

Selling a bike can be a stressful and difficult transaction. We want to change that for you! Our strong reputation in the cycling community, combined with years of expertise, allows us to pay you top dollar for your bike quickly and easily, and provide you peace of mind. The care and time we put into each bike ensure we offer a superior pre-owned product to your bike’s next owner while making your transaction hassle-free.

Submit your bike, frame, or wheels using the forms below; it takes only a couple of minutes! Once you've entered your item details, gone through our verification process, and sent us your submission, you'll hear back in 2 business days or less.

You can trade...

  • New, like-new, and well-maintained used bikes, frames, and wheels. Please note that we are only accepting bikes within 5-8 years of current model year.

  • We don't accept

  • Items with issues that would deem the gear unsellable such as structural flaws in the frame or wheels; or damage that affects carbon or reusability of the item.

  • Keep in mind

    Trade-in values are not guaranteed. Make sure your items are in good working condition, with all the necessary parts included for the bike, frame, or wheels to function otherwise we may amend the offer.

    Why use TPC's Sell // Trade Program?

    • Our team of expert buyers researches each submitted item that comes our way individually and performs daily market analysis so we can come out of the gate with our best offer.

    • This means a no-haggle process that helps you unlock the highest value from your bike or gear.

    • We help you avoid dealing with secondary market inconveniences which saves you time and money!

    Please remember that our buyers craft our offers by considering the year, make, model, and condition of the bike or gear as well as any upgrades. They then take a look at our own inventory levels, time of year, and market demand. Because these factors change on a regular basis our offers are good for 7 days and may fluctuate depending on seasonality and inventory.

    We are now using a new verification process!

    We are a committed industry leader and advocate for bicycle theft prevention. Every bicycle we inspect is verified by the owner’s ID and bicycle serial number. Your information will be kept confidential and secure via our 3rd party company, Veriff, a leader in the global identity verification service.

    In order to complete your submission, you will need the following:

    • Information about your bike, frame, or wheels (brand, model, photos, etc.)

    • A valid US drivers license or passport (valid, current and undamaged ID. Photos of the ID on your computer or other device will not work, and will cause you to fail the identification process)

    • Disable any pop-up blockers in your browser

    • Enable camera & microphone permissions on your device for Veriff

    bike components

    How do I get paid?

    Our experts evaluate your submission based on quality and demand. You can accept or let the offer expire, and resubmit at a later date. As soon as we receive your gear, you get paid!

    TPC Store Credit
    You get the highest offer with store credit. Spend it on our 2000+ Certified Pre-Owned and new bikes, or browse parts and accessories like Garmin, POC, or SRAM.

    Cash Offer
    If you prefer cash, we will pay you via PayPal! Enter your PayPal information during checkout, and we will pay you as soon as your gear is received, inspected, and verified. Paypal payments are sent directly to your account email. Payment will be issued within three business days of the item's arrival and inspection.

    Looking to earn a Trade-Up voucher from your local dealer?

    To receive a TradeUp Voucher offer, schedule a time with one of our participating dealers and they will make a submission on your behalf!

    View our participating dealers here.


    We take pride in offering exceptional customer service. Read our FAQs, then reach out to our Ride Guides if you have additional questions.


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